Friday, 13 January 2012

Wanted - Animators!

Salutations, and happy new year!

Do you like animation? Do you like time travel? Do you like free money? Well today is your lucky day! Ticked Off has two thirds of these things especially for you! We're looking for talented animators (2D and 3D) who are interested in 3D character animation for the film, details below. 

We're lucky enough to have had considerable amounts of interest from a lot of people, but this is just more of an official call so we can begin organising the team. We're on schedule to get rocking with the full time animation at the start of February, by which point we'd like to have the additional animators all prepared and ready to roll. 

We're in a slightly bitter-sweet situation in that we've not actually got enough work to give to everybody looking for some, and the only way we can really think of solving this is to essentially let everybody do some test animations, and pick the ones that we think can benefit the film the most. 

I know that probably sounds really big headed and patronising, particularly because the majority of you are better animators than us! But the alternative is handing out animation willy nilly which will only add to our ever increasing stress levels, mainly due to the logistics of dealing with such a large amount of people. We're only really looking for around 4 additional animators. Naturally, when the proverbial shit hits the fan and we start losing our minds... we may very well spam the reserves with emails begging you to help us out, but we'd like to keep it to 4 for the time being. 

Basically, if you're interested drop me an email at: along with a contact number. We'll then send you the rig in it's current state, and give you 2 weeks to familiarise yourself and play around with the character. One of us will be available to demo the rig in person for those that need it, particularly if you're new to 3D. Ideally, after the 2 weeks we'd like some playblasts or renders of any test animations you've done. The tests don't need to be anything specific, basically just try and show off. 

After that we'll have a look through all the tests and get in touch with the folk we'd like to help us, then organise a meeting where we can give you the finalised rig, divvy up the scenes and give you a bit of direction. 

We really appreciate the amount of interest, it's quite humbling to be honest. We're pretty excited to see what we can all produce in the final leg.

In other news, the film is coming along relatively well, we've got our semester 2 game plan in place. We had to do some minor timetable adjustment but in the grand scheme of things everything is on track. Sort of. The Fear is breathing down our necks.

We've been lucky enough to have a BAFTA award winning sound designer and musician offer his services to us which is really exciting, we're already fleshing out some ideas for the sound direction and score. Stay tuned for some updates on that front.

Not much else to report really, just been cracking on with the colossal to-do list.

We look forward to working with our shiny new potential animators, and can't wait to get a big animation piss up sorted after we all start back.


- Team Ticked Off.

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