Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Newest Comp Test


Here's the latest frame from the film, not quite final yet. We still need to add in some props, the upper books and tweak some textures... but we've got the new and improved final final master new project V2 all set up, and I don't think we've actually uploaded any images of the room with the textures applied.

The comping is a bit mental on this one, tried out pretty much every effect and technique we'll be using, but the final comp will be much more selective. Not quite as crazy sci-fi as this one. Still, gives you lot an idea of how things are going, I included the old comp test too so we could compare how they look next to each other. 

In other news, we're rendering our first ever finished scene right this second! We've not started character animation yet, we're just starting with the few scenes that don't have him in it such as watch close ups and jazz. Exciting times. 


EDIT: Here's the first final frame of Ticked Off, Huzzah! I was going to do a comp breakdown, but I'll just do a before pimpage/after pimpage instead. 

Before pimpage:

After pimpage:

The joys (read; cheap tricks) of compositing.

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