Thursday, 13 October 2011

Character Colour Schemes.

Hey guys,

Here's some quick colour tests of the main character, we've popped him onto a temporary background which has some rough maya materials applied to get an idea of what he'll look like in our environment. 

If you could comment on here, or on facebook, and just pick your favourite that'd be grand. If you want to expand on that and give us any feedback or suggestions it'd be even better.

You can refer to them as numbers 1-5 from left to right.


Here's the turnaround of the head, we've had some great feedback on it and hope to change a couple of things... namely tweak the shape of the back of his massive dome. 

We're hoping to sort through all our current work and get a massive post sorted to bring everybody up to speed, so expect that soonish. 




  1. Wow, he looks scarily like a guy I know from Glasgow. Well cool! Personally I think No. 2 (hehe) stands out the most for me. Against the background you have there I feel he works the best. 1 and 4 look like they would blend in the most, and 3 is kind of monochromatic, and out of 2 and 5, I like 2 the most. I like the way his trousers look!

    Keep it up guys! Get more blogged, can't wait to see what else you've all been busying yourselves with! :D

    x L

  2. I like 2 cos his clothes look a wee bit old, preffering the greys to the browns.

    Looking all round fantastic- the background too. Hang in there!