Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A mid-shot... shock horror!

Figured I'd show you guys a shot that isn't a ridiculous close-up/lens flare and explosions... so here's a couple! We'll probably use one of these as one of the 4 still frames we need to submit for assessment.

The time machine effect looks pretty cool when it's all moving, but we'll probably keep it on the DL for the time being.

Some of the colour grading might be slightly off between these 2... still tweaking that, things like the sunlight etc. I reckon I prefer the 2nd one with the golden tint, any feedback on that actually?

Anyway, enjoy!



  1. These must be the best shots in the film... None of this 'shattering' pish involved ;).

  2. The golden tint is good.
    Are you adding any DoF effects?

    1. We've got more DoF than you can shake a stick at! Check out some of the older posts :)

  3. Feels like there should be more shadows casting from objects infront of the time machine (especially the character). Would be worth throwing in another light and playing with the extra pass.