Friday, 23 March 2012

More explosions, huzzah!

Finished the other main disintegration shot today, this one was a lot more challenging because I had a camera move to deal with... but it was good fun. Plenty of flares and blur to keep me entertained. The camera dolly gives you a much nicer view of the colour bleed effect which you don't really get from the pillars shot, which is nice.

I'm becoming increasingly concerned at the After Effects render time on my deteriorating laptop, I estimate it'll take around 2 days to render the final film. Poor little guy. So again, some stills will need to do for now. Sadly you don't really get the direction of all the shards form the stills, so it's a bit messy... but in the video it makes a bit more sense.

Here's the flowchart for this comp, which'll help explain how much is going on. Each node represents a layer, all of which have various active effects. I count 190 layers.

In other news, we're slowly losing our minds.


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